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The Swiss Army Tampon?

Hey, You can get everything else on one, so why not a tampon? Okay,  just kidding, but this article from The Art of Manliness has a lot of very practical uses for tampons in an emergency. I mean, besides the original one. When TSHTF happens (and it will someday), a simple tampon could save your life in a survival situation.

My personal favorite is blowdart fletching, but all of the others are good too

Be sure and read the whole article. It could save your life!


ok, who wants to play ‘hide the weiner’?

I love these Taiwanese animations. They look at us through their own eyes and sometimes see things more clearly than we do. Heh.

Need a new spring in your step?

I’ve probably posted this before, but it’s a subject that never seems to get old… especially when you get old!

fun for the whole family!

This actually looks like a hoot. Simple family fun. Look at all the smiles. I’d say they’re having fun!

And other than the gas to get there, it doesn’t cost a dime!

They grow up so fast these days

This must have been quite a project. Taking a picture of your kid every day for 10 years. I like the part where she lost her front teeth and they grew back in about three seconds.

let this serve as my resignation…

I’d say somebody’s looking for a new job right now, or more likely, she already had one lined up. In any case, this is a helluva way to say Take This Job and Shove It!

I hope she does well. She’s got guts and a great sense of humor!

He just wants somebody to love him and have fun with!

Here ya go, ladies. He seems like quite a catch. Don’t jump on him all at once!