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ok, who wants to play ‘hide the weiner’?

I love these Taiwanese animations. They look at us through their own eyes and sometimes see things more clearly than we do. Heh.


♫.. Midnight at the oasis… ♫..♪

You wanted warporn? Well, here’s your warporn. Be advised: NSFW and possibly retch-inducing. Still funny as hell. Watch at your own risk…

P.S. If you want to save this, you’d better grab it now. I have a feeling that Youtube may yank this one fairly quickly. I certainly hope that’s all they yank.

yes, gladys, it’s a formula… i tried to tell you…

Never heard of this guy (s), but this is pretty damn funny!

Umm… methinks the lady doth protest too much?

Watching the host’s reactions is half the fun!

I’m just glad he learned his lesson. Or maybe he didn’t?  This is all so confusing.

How to survive a Grizzly Bear Attack!

This could prove to be valuable information someday… especially if you never learned it in the Cub Scouts, or somewhere.

Wizard of OZ: The gay outtakes

I wish Mad TV did sketches this funny more often. I’d watch it more often if they did. Every now and then they do come-up with some pretty funny stuff, though. Like this, for instance…

Cruelty to Animals?

Not exactly sure what it is, but there’s something wrooong with this. The talking dog tag is pretty cool, so why not just sell that? I’d buy a couple of those, but that bass-ackwards dog blankie  is just not right. It might hurt Fluffy’s self-esteem, or sumpin’.