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Fill ‘er up, and check the Vasoline/Assoline please!

This is what we get for refusing to drill for our own oil. It’s happening every day… to you! Fight back!

P.S. Vasoline Assoline is also a petroleum product, so you can expect prices for that to rise too. Ouch!


not sure what this is good for, but it’s sure fun to watch

Off hand, I’d say this driver has a pretty decent grasp of your basic, madd, car control skiwlz…


People have been complaining: “Why don’t they just call it the BMW M1 instead of the 1M Something Something?

This is where advanced age (like mine)  has the advantage, you whippersnappers! Get off my lawn!

There is already a BMW M1. They couldn’t name two totally different cars by the same name. I am going to go search now for the particulars and include links, just in case anybody gives a sh*t…

Okay, I’m Back! I looked at a few, and this is the best one I found. I saw them at the track when they first came out and they were gawdawful awesome.

yeehaww!! giddyup grandma!

These are cool! I want one when I get old… which is, well, now. Too bad I’ve got nowhere to run it or I would. I wonder about the safety of these things, though. I mean, if you’re living and driving in this particular place in Florida you don’t even need a driver’s license. That could be dangerous when some of these old coots get senile. Remember: it’s all lots of fun until somebody gets hurt. Then it’s hilarious!

taxi !!!

I think I’d pay extra for this ride… and tip well!


Not to be outdone, NASCAR shows up in Chicago… YEEHAW!!!

Okay, one more. I’ve seen this one before, but somebody added subtitles and made it that much better…

I like the way she cusses him up one side and down the other during the drive but is still able to laugh at herself after it’s all over. BTW: Patrese is a retired Formula 1 driver. Have you ever seen a Formula 1 driver with an ugly girlfriend/wife? Yeah, me neither.

horry clap!

How do they do this? If you tried this here, every intersection would be littered with the injured and the dead. Amazing!

i have no idea what she’s saying, but i like it!

I think this is an ad for a car or something. Hard to tell, but pretty cool to watch.

A brief history of local TV advertising

Try to keep up here. In the early 1960’s there was a car dealer in the LA area named Chick Lambert — the guy you see here. He was big biz in car sales, and advertised all over local TV using his dog “Storm” as a live prop. Storm would follow his master around and jump on the hood of whatever car Lambert was pitching and lie there quietly during the spot. Then he’d follow him to the next car and so on and so on. Very cute.

Then Lambert’s biggest rival, Ralph Williams Ford, bought him out, but he kept Hearn on as his sales manager. Now they were both on the tube constantly. Williams had a totally different style – much more high pitched/high pressure/sleazy car salesman type – and both were a running joke in the LA and San Fran area, but between them they sold a lot of cars.  Here’s a very NSFW, never broadcast outtake from one of those early spots.

Still with me? Good. Now along comes a guy named Cal Worthington who owns a big Dodge dealership in Long Beach. He starts advertising heavily by mocking the Ralph Williams ads with his own ads featuring his dog “Spot”, who was never a dog, but some constantly-changing exotic animal instead. A tiger, a bear, even an elephant one time. It was actually pretty funny, and people started looking forward to the commercials just to see who the new “Spot” would be. Worthington also had a catchy jingle “Go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal”, done to the tune of “Clap your hands”, which you have probably heard no matter where you live. The ads were on cheesy late-nite movies anyway, so they just added to the entertainment. 

Just a little slice of Americana.  Out of all the wacky local ad campaigns you might have seen since over the years, this is where it all started.