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Tin Soldiers and Nixon Comin, 1 dead in Ohio nursing home meth lab fire

Okay, so I’m no Neil Young. Still I couldn’t resist giving it a shot. Here’s the news article in case you missed it.

I thought I’d ‘dress-up’ this post a little by adding a pic of some elderly meth freak, but I couldn’t find one. Then it dawned on me: There aren’t any elderly meth freaks. They all die before they get old. And that reminds me of another song… that I will spare you from having to listen to unless you click here.


What happened to my country? this is what happened…

Whether you agree or disagree with the ideas in this trailer, you really should see it (about 8 min).

there’s nothing like a good disaster to bring people together…

Ok, I’m being sarcastic. The media have really gotten out of control the last 20 years or so. Really. You might have noticed this yourself. They actually think they’re more important than the news stories. Most of them need to be taken outside and beaten with sticks. Here’s a guy who gets it…

Joe Dan lights ’em up…

Who is Joe Dan? I have no idea. I hope he’s paid all his taxes, though.

Public Service Announcement: CricKet “Broadband” Sucks

Seriously. It. Sucks. $40/mo for less than dialup speed (14K and less?). Does that sound like “blazing speed” to you? Me neither. I got anywhere from .08Kbps [woohoo!] to a whopping 50Kbps (briefly), but it likes to run at about 14Kbps, right out of the box. This. Is. Not. Broadband. It’s not even dialup speed. And there are NO REFUNDS! Does CricKet sound like a reputable company?

And the $50 rebate they promise on the wireless plug-in gizmo? Ha! You have to keep the sucky service for months first, and then it’s doubtful. Hear what others have to say by just googling “cricket broadband sucks”.  

If you just want to throw away about $82 (the cost of signing up), send me the $82 instead. I will give your money a good home… probably in a bar somewhere, buying booze for floozies, but hey, it’s better than giving it to these thinly-veiled criminal schmucks. At least I’m honest about it.

Or just send me one dollar. You’ll get a hi-quality Hog Whitman MP3 of your choice and you’ll still be $81 ahead, thanks to me, your pal, Hog Whitman.


Once again, just in case you missed it, CricKet Broadband Sucks!

How to tell when it’s over… really over

This pretty old, but it holds-up well…

Smoking is Gay

Hey, I didn’t say it, they did. I love the Onion.

I really need to stop smoking. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.