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All with one convenient click…

It’s the 10 worst infomercials ever! Put aside a few unhurried minutes to review what we had to go through (and even PAID for if you had cable or satellite) during the ‘oughties’. I can think of a few that have been omitted, but this collection is pretty much on the mark. Enjoy…

My personal fave? Has to be Aspray. I ordered a case for when the Apocalypse hits. I figure I can always trade it for food and stuff.


and it comes with its own breath mints!

I really think you should eat them first, though. I think they got it backwards when making the video. Simple editing mistake. Their video format is PAL, I think, and ours is NTSC. That’s probably what happened. They should have sub-titles too. That could help prevent a lot of messy mistakes.


those crazy swedish rednecks!

Possibly the greatest invention ever to come from Sweden…

BTW: DO NOT try this at home unless you tie down the front of the tractor securely. Notice they have a cable on this one. Otherwise the tractor will flip over backwards and probably kill you. Seriously.

this is why we win! uhm, i think…

Welcome to beautiful sunny Oregon. Our ancestors were made of sturdy stock. After all, we made it out here from the East by travelling in covered wagons, right? Well, that spirit is still alive today as witnessed by this immaculately modified scooter. It rains a lot here, but are we gonna let that stop us from getting to the smoke shop for another can of Copenhagen? Nope.

As you can see, a couple of bucks worth of duct tape and some pvc pipe from the local True Value™ and we’re good to go! Here’s a shot from the back…

Here you can see how these things have gone really high-tech. With all those instruments on the dash it looks like the cockpit of a jet fighter! Ok, maybe not so much, but you should see it during hunting season when he hooks on the rifle rack. Deer and Elk fear him! For that matter, so does everybody else in town.

it must work… do you see any traffic jams?

Amazing technology! These guys are wayyyy ahead of us!

Ok, so maybe somebody fudged on the subtitles just a leetle bit? Doesn’t matter. It’s damned funny! Watch the whole thing.

you can’t possibly do without one of these…

I can’t believe I’ve made it this long without one of these. I want one of these. Ok, two of these. The second one is absolutely free! (plus shipping and handling, of course)

I think they should have fake TV-Hats for people too poor to afford iPhones.

Finally, I can hit the ball!

Although I still don’t see the point. I’ll give the guy some credit for inventing this, but beyond the novelty of it, it looks kinda boring.