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The Elephant on Mars?

I guess if you stare at something/anything long enough,  you can see whatever you want. That’s what our highly-paid boyz at NASA do. Makes you feel kinda warm and fuzzy knowing that your taxes are going for something useful, huh?


BREAKING NEWS… On another part of the planet, NASA scientists, with nothing better to do, found a formation which appears to resemble a smiling penis and immediately dubbed it the Martian Di*khead. The ‘scientists’ explained the shortness of the mysterious penis by noting that it was winter on Mars and therefore, very cold outside.

NASA directors have vowed to seek further funding for future finds.



screw the industrial uses, I want pancakes!

Sure, it’s probably quite useful in manufacturing, etc., but I think they’re missing the boat when it comes to this thing’s highest purpose: flipping pancakes! Or burgers, or what have you.

I guess the blade is steel that’s covered by a moving cloth. Simple, except nobody thought of it before. I hope they sell a bajillion of them.

All with one convenient click…

It’s the 10 worst infomercials ever! Put aside a few unhurried minutes to review what we had to go through (and even PAID for if you had cable or satellite) during the ‘oughties’. I can think of a few that have been omitted, but this collection is pretty much on the mark. Enjoy…

My personal fave? Has to be Aspray. I ordered a case for when the Apocalypse hits. I figure I can always trade it for food and stuff.

breaking news! you’ve got to see this!

I was astonished, if not downright astounded! This is incredible…I had no idea!

horry clap!

How do they do this? If you tried this here, every intersection would be littered with the injured and the dead. Amazing!

Drinking problem? What drinking problem?

No problem here. Looks like he’s got it handled. Do I need to tell you not to try this at home? Good. Now don’t try this at home.

I don’t even LIKE football…*

… but damn! This guy is good!

I don’t know how many outtakes these shots took (if any), but the results are impressive to say the least. If only there was some kind of game that he could use these skills in?

*I used to like football, but the L.A. Rams let me down one too many times. I had to give it up. Doctor’s orders.