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those crazy swedish rednecks!

Possibly the greatest invention ever to come from Sweden…

BTW: DO NOT try this at home unless you tie down the front of the tractor securely. Notice they have a cable on this one. Otherwise the tractor will flip over backwards and probably kill you. Seriously.


chop chop!

Yeah, I know, lame headline. It’s still early here. Anyway, here’s a handy tip for you woodsy types. Now that it’s spring I don’t know if anybody is still splitting firewood, but this will give you plenty of time to make this handy little gizmo before you really need it.

And yes, Gladys. Canada has rednecks too!

Drinking problem? What drinking problem?

No problem here. Looks like he’s got it handled. Do I need to tell you not to try this at home? Good. Now don’t try this at home.

possibly the best redneck fix EVAR!!!

This makes me want to go put a dent in my car just to try it out. If this really works like it appears to, the physics seems all backasswards. You would think the metal would expand from the heat and contract from the cold. Obviously, there’s more at work here. Somebody try this out and let me know what gives, ok?

*update* I should point out that the sooner you fix any dent, the easier it is. A lot of them could be popped right back out if you did it right away. If you wait, the metal develops a “memory” and will ‘want’ to stay in the dented condition.

this is why we win! uhm, i think…

Welcome to beautiful sunny Oregon. Our ancestors were made of sturdy stock. After all, we made it out here from the East by travelling in covered wagons, right? Well, that spirit is still alive today as witnessed by this immaculately modified scooter. It rains a lot here, but are we gonna let that stop us from getting to the smoke shop for another can of Copenhagen? Nope.

As you can see, a couple of bucks worth of duct tape and some pvc pipe from the local True Value™ and we’re good to go! Here’s a shot from the back…

Here you can see how these things have gone really high-tech. With all those instruments on the dash it looks like the cockpit of a jet fighter! Ok, maybe not so much, but you should see it during hunting season when he hooks on the rifle rack. Deer and Elk fear him! For that matter, so does everybody else in town.

This could come in handy someday. Or tomorrow. Or today, even.

I’ve seen these things advertised for sale for $5,000 before, but I’ve also heard that some ports are so full of them that they give them away if you pay to move them (about 50 cents/mile). Anyway, it’s kinda neat to see what this guy did with his. Nice job.

I want one of these!

The possibilities are endless…