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Every Now and Then…

Every now and then I think we all need to be reminded what Rock & Roll was, and what it was all about.

Here’s a little guy in an elf suit, and he comes out and kicks some serious ass!

Rick Derringer: Rock and Roll Hootchchie Koo! Click on the pic.


The World’s Greatest Guitar Solo EVAR!!!

The guitar solo used to be required fare for any hit song to ‘make it’. Today? Not so much. With all these here computers, and click a button and everything, today’s youth don’t seem to realize that they’re standing on the shoulders of giants who already did all their hard work for them. Here’s just a few of my favorites…

All Along The Watchtower— Jimi Hendrix

It’s hard to argue with this one. Almost the whole song is a guitar solo, and not a bad one at that. You can even hear Dave Mason playing rhythm guitar in the background. If it ever gets any better than that, wake me up and turn-up the stereo, dood!


Next up: Carlos Santana — Black Magic Woman

Most people don’t know that this was, originally, a Fleetwood Mac song. It went nowhere till Carlos Santana got aholt of it.


Moving along…

Here’s a bit of pop fluff from the 80’s that is, basically, a happy, dappy songy thing. But when Elliot Easton cuts loose on the guitar, gather-up the the children and tie down the hounds! He did everything to that guitar except f**k it in the a**!

The Cars — Tonight She Comes

I like the part in the video where he, basically, throws the guitar away after the solo. I don’t blame him. That guitar had already just lived the best part of it’s entire life. Almost nobody knows this guys name, but he deserves a nice comfortable place in rock history.


I’m sure I forgot a few (Mark Knophler almost needs his own category), so please feel free to contribute your faves, if you have any. Kurt Cobain doesn’t count. I’m talking about real guitar slingers here.

Now get off my lawn, you little whippersnappers!

*Holy Update, Batman!*

I completely forgot this one! Sh*t! This is Eddie Hazel of Funkadelic playing Maggot Brain. I actually knew Eddie, and spent many, many hours playing guitar with him. He was a great guy. Had the patience to put up with a guitarded white boy like me. RIP Eddie Hazel. You’re not forgotten.

Tin Soldiers and Nixon Comin, 1 dead in Ohio nursing home meth lab fire

Okay, so I’m no Neil Young. Still I couldn’t resist giving it a shot. Here’s the news article in case you missed it.

I thought I’d ‘dress-up’ this post a little by adding a pic of some elderly meth freak, but I couldn’t find one. Then it dawned on me: There aren’t any elderly meth freaks. They all die before they get old. And that reminds me of another song… that I will spare you from having to listen to unless you click here.

John Amos – We Were Hippies

Thanks to the almost daily re-runs of lots of old TV shows, some of you might even know who John Amos is. Without checking first I’m going to guess the show was Good Times with J.J. Walker as the star. John Amos was pretty funny too as the Dad. Even though that show must be 30 years old, Amos doesn’t look like he’s aged a day. How does he do that? Cool video…

Weird al frightens children with gaga video parody

Well, it scared me!

There’s just something really creepy about seeing Weird Al’s face photoshopped on a woman’s body. Funny, but creepy.

Memorial Day with James Hooker

I’ve posted some of James Hooker before… you may remember him from the Amazing Rhythm Aces…


And now that song and many others are on his new album Hanging Out With The Boys¬†which is a great tribute to both our ancestors and decendants who fell in battle while protecting us and our freedoms. I realize that may sound a little trite, but that’s hardly the case, especially on Memorial Day. Here’s the title song (I couldn’t figure out how to embed it)… Hanging Out With The Boys

Listen and remember them. They gave it all for us.

Goodbye cruel world!

Or not, I guess. I keep hearing the world is going to end today, and this is a damn fine song to take with. Hadn’t heard this one since I was a kid. Always loved this one.

And now, without further ado, heeeeerrrres Johnny!

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