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It was just a matter of time. Forty years of stuffing little boys full of drugs and teaching them to be little girls had to take its toll. Thank you, Jimmy Carter. Thank you, Dept. of Education (nonexistent before Jimmy Carter), and thank you, teachers unions. Great job.

Here’s the whole article, if you can stomach it. I think I gotta go out and kill a commie for Christ, stomp a salamander for Satan, or something.


Official White House Pfotograph

Well, at least it started as ‘Official’ till some scurvy dog defiled it!

Damned Infidels!

Golden Browned Retriever… Yum!

Just in case you missed the news, here’s the article from ABC, talking  ’bout how Obama likes eatin’ him some dog, dawg. Normally, I wouldn’t post anything from them, but Jake Tapper wrote this one, and since he’s ABC’s only honest journalist, up it goes!

All I know is something must taste mighty good at the White House…

Which reminds me, has anyone seen that Taco Bell chihuahua lately? Heven’t seen him for about, oh, 3½ years now. Whut up wit dat?

Anybody up for some Chow Chow Mein? How’s about some Bernaise Mountain Dog? Pugs in a Blanket? Beagles and cream cheese?

Yanno, if this keeps up,  Obama could be hounded from office… with his tail between his legs! Ba-dump… tish!


Thank you Jimmy Carter, DOE, NEA, NOW, et al… Great Job!

Jimmy Carter, his Department of Education,  the National Education Association, and even the National Organization Of Women should be pretty proud of themselves.  This is what they have wrought…

Obama Campaign Needs A Slogan!

The Obama campaign can’t decide on a slogan. Choices, choices. Now do your patriotic duty and and think of one for him! Post it in the comments. Both of you. Winner gets a photoshop of said slogan on a bumpersticker-like thingee to show your Mom and all your friends. Both of them. Remember: it should be readable on a bumpersticker, so keep it pithy. Here’s mine…

Kinda nails-down the theme song too, don’t it?

Fill ‘er up, and check the Vasoline/Assoline please!

This is what we get for refusing to drill for our own oil. It’s happening every day… to you! Fight back!

P.S. Vasoline Assoline is also a petroleum product, so you can expect prices for that to rise too. Ouch!

who wants skittles™? yay skittles™!

 What? Tired of Skittles already? Ok, here’s a nice bedtime story instead…