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Happy 4th of July!

Due to the Communist/ Capitalist/ anarchist (with a small “a”) /money-grubbing Christian-vegan (with a small “v”), Dope-smoking Hollywood Slut-whores™ and 1% Rat Bastards at, I can no longer post videos here unless I pay them $70. Well, guess what? I don’t have $70! 

So here’s a link instead. I hope you will click on it. It should bring out the American in you, if you’ve got any left. It might also make you laugh till your face falls off.

Happy 4th,

Hog Whitman

P.S. Did I leave anybody out?

P.P.S. You can always contribute to The Hog Whitman Memorial Booze for Floozies Fund at PayPal, and help wipe-out (so to speak) this plague of Hollywood Dope-smoking Slut-Whores™ once and for all! Or just git yerself a purty nifty CD download for only $1 dollar, all at the same time. (i’ll make this all light-up in an other minute,  hour,  day or so… whatever  HW)

P.P.P.S  And if anybody feels like financing my new, cheesy B-movie; Dope-Smoking Hollywood Slut-Whores From Hell!™, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to ya (without publishing your email addy).  I have the script almost written. Hell, it writes itself!


ingenious high tech wonders never cease!

This guy must be an engineer or something. He’s invented a very useful device with a minimum amount of effort/expense. He should patent this.

i am serious, and stop calling me shirley

I would have posted this earlier, but he wasn’t dead yet. RIP Leslie Nielson. What a guy! 

Moscow madman dodges death about, 0h, 200 times in six minutes

I almost don’t want to post this because it might encourage this sort of thing, so let me just start by saying, DO NOT DO THIS!  EVAR !!!

I guess this guy does this stuff a lot and even has his own website where he posts the results. I can’t believe he’s still alive. He does have amazing skill, and balls of pure plutonium, but I’m thinking he might have also made a deal with the Devil, or something. This stuff just isn’t natural.

fun with mr. bear

This is along the lines of that subservient chicken from a few years back. I’ve only tried typing a couple of things (you’ll see what I mean), but they both produced hilarious results! Don’t be shy… go for it!  (if it doesn’t load right away it’s probably because the site is inundated with hits, so try again in a little while)

P.S. I don’t think he goes there just for the hunting ; )

Happy 4th of July!

And don’t forget the fallen founding fathers of the Freelance Fireworks Hall of Fame. This song still brings a tear to my one good eye. Guess I’m just sentimental…

I have SEEN the light!

Or, at least, I think I have? You HAVE to see this! Then judge for yourself.

I’m going with real, not fake. Of course, I’ve been wrong before.  If this ever became a sanctioned sport, I’m betting everything on the Puerto Rican team to take home the gold. It should be obvious. They’re all named Jesus already.