Hello. I am not Hog Whitman. My name is Chad. Dr. Chad Tardwell, and I’ll be hanging around here while Mr. Whitman is staying at our newly remodeled HTML Rehab Facility™ here at Serenity By The Slough™. If you know someone who could use our help,  and they have good insurance, please tell them about us, won’t you?

Now, without violating doctor/client privacy, all I can say is that Mr. Whitman will be staying with us until he completes a rigorous series of HTML Rehabilitation Therapies™. How long that takes is entirely up to him now, isn’t it? We have provided him with a comfortable environment to live in and, as an added bonus for reaching Level 1.1, a generous supply of livestock.

We’ve also provided him with some ‘cooking’ facilities so he can make his little ‘recipes’ during his off-time, but none of the knives are sharp, and the Oven is an Easy-Bake™ by Kenner© so he shouldn’t be able to hurt himself very badly. We do want to get him back to you in one piece, and with as few permanent emotional and physical scars as possible.

We’re very proud of our amenities here at Serenity By The Slough™, but neither will we mollycoddle our clients. If Mr. Whitman hasn’t shown significant progress in a reasonable amount of time, our sister facility at Syracuse Serenity By The Slough™ has the dedicated staff, (with tools!) and the necessary experience to ‘prod him on’, if you will, in order to achieve satisfactory results.

If you know someone who could use our ‘advanced’ help at Syracuse Serenity By The Slough™, and they have good insurance, give us a call and we’ll send The Wagon™.

Well, that’s about all for today. I’ll be dropping in from time to time to keep you updated on Mr. Whitman’s progress. He also wanted me to say “Hi” to you all, and to remind you that you can help him to pay his insurance premiums by buying some of his crap at CD Baby. Whatever.