Hello, my name is Junior.  It has recently come to my attention that a certain kitten (whom I shall not name here) has been slagging me on Facebook and elsewhere on these here internets tubes. Normally, I wouldn’t care. I mean, I never cared about anything anyway, so why start now?
I guess it was the little pissy part about my mad keyboard skilwz that really got my goat. Say what you want about my other bad habits, but I didn’t just spend a year honing my technique for some little pipsqueek furball to diss me about it on the internet. He/she/it is lucky to be alive as it is. I could have easily killed it long ago, but I let it live. And this is the thanks I get?


I’ll be going into the studio next week to record my new chart-topping hit single “I Sh*t In A Box”, which will be available at all of the usual outlets. Then we’ll see who’s the boss around here!