Hi, my name is Grace, but my dad calls me Gracie for short. Go figure. Guess what he got me for Christmas? A New Fort!  He said that Santa brought it, but c’mon, that stuff is for kids. I know what’s happening. This is me with my new fort.  Kewl, huh? As you can see, Dad only shops at the finest of stores.  

 Jealous yet? Try to control your envy. It’s one of the Seven Deadly Sins, after all.

This is me defending my new fort. You want some of this? Bring it on! Moulon Labe, as my Greek brothers would say.  

This is my big brother, Junior. He’s an idiot. Seriously, he’s an idiot. Definitely inbred, and probably retarded. You be the judge . He thinks he can play the piano but he  really can’t. Did I mention he was an idiot? Well, he is. Right  off the bat the rat bastard crushed my new fort.

Now I have to kick his ass !

“And there’s more from where that came from, byotch! Had enough yet?” Good. I need a nap now.

How was your Christmas? Mine kicked ass!







And don’t forget my dad’s special $1 whole CD download right here!