From: Blessing Ibrahim <>
Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2011, 3:57 PMHELLO
Compliment of the day i hope Ur doing fine over there,i will like to introduce my self to you,my name is Blessing single never been marry, as it is my pleasure to write you after viewing your profile  which really interest me in having communication/friendship with you if you will have the desire with me, so that we can get to know each other better shear our feeling and see what happened in future.i will be very happy if you can write me through my email for easiest communication and to tell you more about me and send you my picture,i will be waiting to hear from you thanks and have a nice day, yours new friend.Blessing 


Hello Blessing,
Thank you for writing me. You wouldn’t believe how fucking lonely I’ve been lately.. I was just laying here waiting for some random cocksucker to e-mail me, and you filled the bill.  I have been so fucking lonely, you wouldn’t believe it. Would it be safe for me to assume that you like it straight up the ass, or would you prefer watching a goat fuck your mother while I jack-off?
Oh, I’m sorry if that seemed a bit ‘forward’, seeing as it’s our first ‘date’ and all, but I’ve got a load of chode that would blow a buzzard off a shitwagon in a hurricane, and something’s gotta give pretty soon.
Please tell me where you would like me to deliver this dump-truck of steaming man-chowder as soon as you can. I don’t think I can hold it in any longer. I’m afraid I might put somebody’s eye out with it, and as you must surely know: it’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. 
You seem like a nice person, so all you have to do is tell me which one of your ‘semen-sockets’ you would like me to plug this bad boy into. As you can see, I have included my picture for your viewing pleasure.
Anxiously awaiting your ‘serving suggestion’.
Your new ‘special friend’,


P.S. Now that we’re the best of friends, and everything, you may call me ‘Skippy’.