Just kidding. Do NOT EVAR do this! Sure, everybody some people think(s) trashing rental cars is all fun and games, but in truth, what it is is vandalism. It’s also very dangerous and stupid. Destroying somebody else’s property is not cool. I don’t care how big the company is. It’s illegal and can have consequences you may not have planned on.

One time I was with a [stupid] friend who had just rented a new T-Bird and suddenly decided he wanted to show-off  by whipping into this abandoned sawmill in Canada and spin some doughnuts in the big muddy yard. Brilliant. After about the second go-round the car suddenly stopped, dead. Wouldn’t move an inch. Turns out he’d snagged a buried cable in the mud and it wrapped around the driveline several times and brought everything to an immediate stop. Great. Nobody around, no cell phone to call for help, nothing. We could have sat there for days and nobody would have even noticed us.

Se we spent the next hour or so on our hands, knees, backs/bellys in ankle-deep mud and muck, slowly unwinding the cable from the driveline. Not my idea of fun. I never got in a car with that idiot ever again. Just a few years later he managed to die from his own stupidity. Good riddance.

Anyway, don’t do this. If you wouldn’t do it with your own car, don’t do it with a rental car, mmmk? [Alright, I gotta admit it looks kinda fun, but still, DON’T DO IT!]