Using his recent appearance at the Whitehouse gala where he performed for the Obamas, and also recieved the somewhat obscure “Gershwin Award”, former Beatle great ‘Sir’ Paul McCartney announced that his, her, whatever recent sex change surgery had been successful and that he, she, it   is now a “complete woman” and has plans to marry another woman. “Considering my previous choices”, he, she, it said, “how much worse could I do?”

When asked about the identity of  the lucky future bride ‘Sir’ Paul only grinned and with an impish wink said, “The only thing I can say right now is that it will be one of  The Supremes.

This triggered a flurry of shouted questions from reporters, foremost of which were, “Is it Diana Ross? Is it Mary Wilson?”

Flashing his, her, its famous impish grin once more, ‘Sir’ Paul would only reply, cryptically, “Sorry, wrong Supremes”.