Looks like we got us another whale problem. It (the whale) decided to die on one of our Oregon beaches, not that far from where another whale once did before it became the stuff of legend. We’ll get around to that in a minute, but first for today’s news…

whale-2Heceta Head State Scenic Viewpoint and the Devil’s Elbow beach north of Florence have been closed until further notice due to the presence of a dead whale. Concerns for traffic safety and the need to protect the carcass prompted the temporary closure. Tampering with a whale carcass — removing pieces or altering it in other ways — is prohibited by federal law.

This is a 50 ton whale. That’s a lot of sushi, folks. Latest word is that they’re going to “attempt” to bury it on the beach. Of course, it could always decide to float back to the surface like human remains in the graveyards of New Orleans used to do.  I think that’s how Zombie stories got started.  Now they bury their ancestors above ground.

And now the real reason for this post: It’s just an excuse to show this oldie-but-goodie video of the Oregon State Highway Dept. trying to dispose of that earlier whale. This is simply one of the coolest videos ever. EVAR!