Yes, I know. That’s exactly what I said too. Evidently, you cannot buy this car… the BMW ‘GINA’. It’s a styling exercise from BMW. The body, or ‘skin’ of this car is made of fabric. It’s not just a convertible, itsa  fungible.

I should get a kick-back from dictionary.com for all the hits they get from here looking up the word “fungible”. Don’t feel bad. I had to look it up too.

And I’m sure that the engineers/designers at BMW named it the “GINA” completely innocently… right? Right.

Anyway,  you can’t have it, and you can’t buy it.

Well, I suppose if you had unlimited money, you could buy it. If you have unlimited money you can buy anything. 

Yep, sounds like a vagina to me. I did not say that.